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Cork ETB School of Music has moved to: CORK TRAINING CENTRE, ROSSA AVENUE, CORK. New Phone Number: 0214856346

Congratulations to the Cork ETB School of Music Award Winners 2016. Please click here to view a list of the Music Award Winners.


Let's Sing Together!


An Exciting CCSM initiative in Singing!

CCSM'sLet's Sing Together’ is a ground breaking and exciting initiative designed to further encourage choral and group singing activities in County Cork. The ‘Let's Sing Together’ inaugural residency is located at Coláiste Pobail Bheanntraí .


This new program in choral education and ‘singing for all’ will be directed by one of Ireland's most accomplished choral practitioners Anne Barry.


Anne Barry is an established music educator and choral practitioner who has taught as a primary and secondary music teacher for many years, and has conducted children's, youth, collegiate, adult and senior citizen community choirs in her native Waterford, and beyond.


Anne has just completed her Masters in Music Education, specialising in Choral Conducting. The degree encourages the educative process to be foremost in the teaching of singing so that the experience of learning is more fun, engaging, and musically rewarding. She enjoys working with vocal ensembles of all ages, voice ranges and experience, and is delighted to join with the students of Coláiste Pobail Bheanntrai for CCSM's inaugural choral residency.


The residency involves participation for all students from 1st to 6th year who enjoy singing, and would like to experience the benefits and joys of singing with others. Classes include learning how to warm up the voice, the body and the mind in preparation for good, healthy singing, This progresses to choral games, rounds, canons and partner songs which lead a group to fun and effective part-singing for all. Students are encouraged to 'think with their bodies' to encourage movement which is an essential part of free singing. Development of musicianship skills is an integral part of the learning process and young singers learn to listen and respond to music in a way that invites them in, to a new approach to the learning of song.


In addition to learning new vocal skills and the enjoyment of learning to sing together well, singing in a group allows young people to develop their social skills, integrates year groups, and gives them confidence amongst their peers as they share a common goal, It allows them to express emotions through singing and movement, and opens students up to exploring the worlds of other cultures through their songs and dances. It refines students' listening and responding skills and gives them the opportunity to be creative and imaginative in a safe and respectful environment.


The ‘Let's Sing Together’ residency will also include a performance at the Official Opening of Coláiste Pobail, Bheanntraí by the Minister of Education and Skills on Friday, March 30th.


CCSM's ‘Let's Sing Together’ programme is developed in partnership with The Association of Irish Choirs, the National Organisation for the development of Choral Music in Ireland.


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